Innovative technology solutions


  • BigBrother analytics algorithm is capable to crawl the most visited websites in Egypt and where most digital ADs are
  • Our technology is capable to defferntiate ADs from puplisher content
  • The system grabs the ADs eith its meta data , landing pages , etc
  • Then the BigBrother algorithm will give accurate estimate for different compaigns KPI's
  • BigBrother scanner will allow subscriber through its friendly dashboard to learn eveything about historical and current digital compaigns in Egypt and filter them by :
    • Industry
    • Brand
    • Products
    • Puplisher category
    • Puplisher

Everything you need in one platform

  • Which industry investing heavily in digital ADs
  • Which competitor in your pool is playing smartly in terms of digital ADs ? and where ?
  • Who is the top puplisher , and where to put your ADs in each puplisher ?
  • What is each competitor ADs weighting ?
  • How can each clint analyze the digital ADs versus the competitor
  • The ADs can perform live analytics and advanced filters on the collected data .


This tool scans portals (140 portals) / (Twenty times per day) and automatically detect ads and capture it and its meta data like:

  • Image
  • Landing page
  • Ad Size
  • Ad Type
  • Puplisher

Store the collected data and apply analytics like comparison between two brands or two industries performance. Measure the performance based on impressions and spending.